An Ode to the Ressurrected spirit


Not with standing any speculations,cohesively a maniac,
through fallible-but a habile debonair soul,
whose demarcations begin at audacity,
and terminates at a veiled frings.

Reeled by the imbibing of immaculation,
inevitably,this spirit encompasses the sphere.
More excavations expose thy ceaseless sheerness.

Thy manifestation-so unvarnished ,
may seem hallucinated to some,
but for others-more likely the divinity.

Fiddling with the incorrigible,
because though not only cobble them,
they’d be commenced-as a novice.

Bowing of the demon heads before thou,
Sufficiently laying down thy pre-eminence,
though thou possess an esoteric persona.
gaffes the galore,thou not dismay,
as-thou isn’t any recurrent ,
but a soul accustomed to rekindling.

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