Somewhere I belong  

Far beyond those profane paradigms, above the stretch of those foamy clouds, beyond the sight of a common man,exists a world. “Where I Belong”   These rules are not meant to bound me, I am the innate creation of thou.     Nature and I share perpetual analogies,               […]

The UnFavorable Love

She skeptically possessed her entity, Certainly dependent enough ,It laid her amongst the thorns, Pinching every inch of hers, As sarcastic as a calm sea with frequent storms. The time says,it ain’t substitute for her pains, She craved to convince her doubts, into the faults of others, whereby, her cravings carved no sense. From North […]

Veneer Of Guilt

Mere a vagary to advertent, Profane is what they call her, Subtle perpetual enchantments, being taken for granted and chuked. She rues down in guilt, As those speculations cut her through, Though fallible in fact, But her amour is incorrigible. Vaguely dramatised in her lousy head, Her crappy immaculate dreamy hamlets, But she can never […]

Convergence Of Souls

Plunged into the sea of demons: She perceived,the downfall in itself. Attempted to climb the climax, Nor of her tale,but her mere being. Never did she anticipate for serenity, All mishmash wrapped into hers. Had this been the mere providence, or somehow her aggregate was persuaded by nothingness. Episode after episode,confrontations of vanquishes. Dead body […]

An Ode to the Ressurrected spirit

Not with standing any speculations,cohesively a maniac, through fallible-but a habile debonair soul, whose demarcations begin at audacity, and terminates at a veiled frings. Reeled by the imbibing of immaculations, inevitably,this spirit encompasses the sphere. More excavations expose thy ceaseless sheerness. Thy manifestation-so unvarnished , may seem halucinated to some, but for others-more likely the […]