Can your husband be your best friend?


A successful relationship is about understanding supporting, and being there for each other. There are many people who believe in the policy of “my husband my best friend and my soul mate”. This is a hot topic for debate among many couples. So, can it actually be true, or should your husband and your best friend be two different entities?

First of all, let us go over to the definition of a best friend. A best friend is a person with whom you share a deep bond and there is a feeling of mutual affection. There is a selfless love with no limits. Your best friend is the one who can see your totally crazy side and not judge you at all. In fact, your best friend joins you in the madness. Now, imagine what would happen if you have this chemistry with your husband. That is just what everyone looks for in true love.

When your husband becomes your best friend, it is the best kind of relationship one could ever ask for. There is the one person who means everything to you, and you both make a great pair together. It deepens the feelings you have for each other and brings you closer. Such a relationship is able to withstand all the tests of time and circumstances. With best friends for life husband and wife, you do not need another friend to open up to.

When husband and wife are best friends for life, you could talk to each other about everything. You tease each other, fight madly, and yet defend each other. You are able to put forward all your flaws and be sure they do not matter in his eyes.

Your husband can definitely become your best friend and you guys could do everything together, love each like crazy, and have the one person who is always there for you. Isn’t this what true love is all about? Give your husband a chance and see how great it is to have your husband become your best friend.

As goes one of the famous husband and wife best friends quote – Happiness is being married to your best friend!


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