Convergence Of Souls


Plunged into the sea of demons:
She perceived,the downfall in itself.
Attempted to climb the climax,
Nor of her tale,but her mere being.

Never did she anticipate for serenity,
All mishmash wrapped into hers.
Had this been the mere providence,
or somehow her aggregate was persuaded by nothingness.

Episode after episode,confrontations of vanquishes.
Dead body adjuring the spirits to quit.
She passed those decades in some hope,
Which she intimidated to approach.

Out of nowhere,to transfigure the entire entity,thou retained her.
hope somewhere vibrant,sufficiently ,sparked up her burning spirit.

Her cravings complacent by thy love,the love,she never encountered.
intimacy shared not amongst the dead organs,but it was all the touching of souls.

Those ordeals filtered her filth,
Cleansed her life like never before.
Ain’t this the blend of bodies,but the divine-“Convergence Of Souls”

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