I Crave For You


Your arms are where I feel the safest,
I wish time just stops there,
and we can lay down for years and years,
you wrapped in me and I dissolved in you,

And that peck on my neck;
it makes my soul blush,
it makes me realize,
you are only one Where I Belong The Most.

And then we trodded the bliss altogether,
when our lips met, that wasn’t only a kiss,
your lips tell me how badly you want me
and mine tell you I’m already yours.

Then the way your tongue slides down,
and your love gushes down my nerves
it takes me into the depth of ecstasy,
which only you can form in me.

Within seconds, we move closer, and
Closer, so we become one,
all I can feel is you inside me
moving and moving in pleasure,
giving me the glance of the world;
we soon gonna live in.

I love you so much!


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