Physical love vs. Spiritual love


Love is a very simple term which gets more and more complicated once you try to explore its deeper forms and meanings. It is also one of the most misunderstood words of all times. There are a lot of different types of love. Understanding each of them separately helps you erase out confusion and bring more clarity into your life.

You must have heard the terms, physical love and spiritual love. These are two inter-related words that are actually poles apart from each other. In several contexts, they are wrongly used and interpreted. Physical love is more about the chemistry between two people whereas spiritual love is something that is much deeper with no selfish motives or attachment. 

Physical Love

Physical love is in alignment with the primal needs of a person. It defines how much you are attracted to your partner physically. It involves all the cuddling, kissing, holding, and more.
Though some disregard it to be lesser in value, you must understand that it is an essential part. Physical compatibility is definitely needed for a healthy and happy relationship and could do wonders to it. As a physical body, one must listen to his desires and needs to remain happy.

However, it is not the only thing that could keep your relation happy. Physical love by itself is not enough for a healthy future. The chemistry and the initial attraction could fade away in a while. 

Spiritual Love

Spiritual love is about the connection at a deeper level – the spiritual level. It is not just about feeling attracted to each other physically or emotionally. It is about understanding your partner and being able to touch each other’s souls.

Even after the initial stages of attraction and the honeymoon period, spiritual love keeps the spark alive between the two of you. It is selfless and giving and gives you an overall mind and body connection. In short, spiritual love makes a relationship complete. You embrace your partner’s true spiritual being with no desires.

As you see, physical love and spiritual love are both different aspects of a healthy relationship. One is more of the physical attraction and the latter is aligned with the soul. A perfect relationship is one which combines both of them and makes you feel loved in all ways.

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