Relationships Need Not To Be Perfect But Real


                                  Love is that sensational energy which is yearned not by the humans but their souls and once their souls manage to touch each other mentally, the whole world couldn’t bring them apart then.

Love isn’t really an effort, but it does require efforts to flourish. Love is like the flow of an endless sea which once found can never cease. Only our efforts can determine the worth of that special person.

The above lines may seem a little fictitious but true lovers can relate themselves because of their experiences. The lines may seem unreal because the world today tries to be loaded with fantasies but not real, they hold onto the relationships which they expect to be the best but they themselves fail to stay real and honest. The another greatest cause for this is that people aren’t really into relationships now, some are committed because they claim that it is the need of their age (this is bullshit!), others because their friends are into relationships and some others because they feel staying committed in an ongoing trends (and this is so ridiculous)

This is what our coming generation feels about relationships. Anyhow, keeping the generation aside, my focus is to enlighten that love is never-ever perfect, but when real, it can turn your lives perfect. You don’t got to tell yourself whom you supposed to love and whom not, love is a tender feeling and trust me when you end up falling in love with the right person, you will observe that this world is such a BEAUTIFUL PLACE to live in.

There is no other force on the opposite side, providing any sort of friction to love, because LOVE POSSESSES THE GREATEST FORCE IN THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE.

At certain points, being in a relationship may dishearten you because of the fights, arguments or misunderstandings. If during some fight, you are bound to question yourselves for being stuck in such a relationship, and then it’s not going to work-out, get out of it right at that second. Fights in a relationship prove how much pain you both can take, the sacrifice you guys can make for the sake of your relationship because no matter what, you need to keep your relationship working.

When you end up sorting out all the issues because your gut feeling says that that’s how it’s meant to be, you strengthen your bonds more. But if any of the misunderstandings make you enquire yourselves about your ‘taken status’ then trust me, you are with the wrong person. Move out of such relationship and don’t be eager to find your soul mate because love happens in the most unexpected times and at the most unexpected places.

So, you need to act tough because when in a real relationship, you don’t  need perfectionism, all you need is to stick harder to each other because you got to keep up with your soul mate and there is no other way out and that’s how you both are going to view this beautiful world your entire lives.


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