Signs he’s your soul mate


Every girl dreams of finding her perfect guy, or rather her soul mate. However, how do you actually understand if you have found the right guy and if he is, in fact, your soul mate? A relationship is much more than the initial cheesy stages.
To make things simpler for you, here are a few signs to help you decide if he is the one – your soul mate:

  1. You are able to talk freely

Communication is, of course, the basis of any relationship. You are able to open up and tell each other things that you don’t tell any other person and do not fear being judged for what you just said.

  1. You are not afraid of fighting or arguing

You both understand that arguments and thought conflicts are a part of life and resolve to solve these conflicts mutually. You do not worry about such petty arguments coming in between your relationship. In fact, deep inside you enjoy the love after the fight!

  1. You make each other a better person

He makes you want to improve yourself, but not by imposing his thoughts over you. He loves you the way you are, and supports you in achieving greater heights and the same vice versa. You challenge each other and push each other to do better and get out of the comfort zone.

  1. He is your best friend

He is your partner in crime, your best buddy, and your go to person for each and everything. When you two are together, you do not need a group to throw a party! You fill each other’s voids and shortcomings and make a good team. You complete each other and even each other’s sentences!

  1. Distance does not matter

No matter how far you are, you do not have any trust issues or feel apart. You are completely fine doing separate things or even living in different cities, and yet have the perfect balance with no anxiety or jealousy.

  1. The spark is still alive

No matter how long you have been together, you still feel a tingle when he looks in to your eyes, holds your hand, or gives you a kiss on your forehead.

  1. Deep intuition

Somewhere deep inside, you feel that he is the right one, your soul mate, and there could be no other person in the world who could match this chemistry you have with him.

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