Somewhere I belong  


Far beyond those profane paradigms,

above the stretch of those foamy clouds,

beyond the sight of a common man,exists a world.

“Where I Belong”

These rules are not meant to bound me,

I am the innate creation of thou.    

Nature and I share perpetual analogies,                                           

ethos of placidity,where i belong.  

Those long,huge seas  and rivers,                                             

plunging into them makes me feel alive.

there’s a world down there,without air,                                          

where I survive,where I live.

There’s a serenity existing,                                           

in those snow capped hills,                                                

in those vales emerging out of them,

in those sensations,somewhere I belong.                                                

Somewhere in those frozen glacier,                                    

somewhere in those cone shaped trees,a sphere life exists,

representative the world,where I Belong.

Somewhere in those dark woods,

in the growls of the wolves,                                                   

in the pains of their wounds,                                                   

a life exists ,where I belong.

Somewhere in those shedding and regaining of leaves,          

Somewhere in those only roads taken,  

Somewhere in the nature being turned down,

a vivid nature evolves,where i belong.                                        

Imbibing those dusk and dawns, 

Moon lite lightens up my soul, 

wherein all the naked eye seen life sleeps,

and my world awakes,somewhere i belong.

Had it not been too long,

Squandering all my pieces here,

Thou gotta gather them up,and take me to the world, 

 “Where I Belong”


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