Is true love fiction or reality?


Love is a concept that is known and understood by all, yet quite misunderstood. Every person is in the search for true love without even knowing if such a thing actually exists or is just created by novels and cheesy romantic movies. Well, true love or fiction love – everyone definitely has a love story. There are so many different types of love like friendship, family love, romantic, and intense passion.

From a very young age, fictional love stories tend to start shaping your thoughts. Comics, movies, novels, and all such media imprint a definitive picture about true love. As you grow up, you start to look for such kind of love around and many tend to get disappointed. Unable to find such a romantic love, people term it as fiction love and stop looking out for it.

True love is all about having an intimate relationship with someone special. It might be romantic or cheesy, it might be childish or mature, or it might be a more intense, serious, and passionate one. It all depends on the two individuals tied together in the bond. One thing you must remember that not all fictional love stories represent true love, and true love is not the same for all.

Love shows up in different forms to different people. It is all about the specific individual to see and understand the true love that is right in front and stop looking out for the concept of love. True love is all about bringing people closer to each other, wanting the best for your love, and that special feeling that you have for that one special person.

The physical intimacy, the initial honeymoon period, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, and all such feelings tend to fade away with passing time. It might not be the same always. But, true love stories never have an ending. Love is the feeling that keeps you together no matter what the situations or circumstances. So, erase all the concepts of love that you have in your heads, and understand the true love that is right in front of your eyes. Live and enjoy your own love story and you will realize that true love does actually exist!


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